New Footage of Doris and Howard Lindsey

July 6, 2022

B-roll of Doris and Howard Lindsey examining clovis points being recorded

Despite triple-digit heat, Doris and Howard Lindsey were gracious hosts to let us visit their home and tape b-roll of them feeding their cattle and horses and driving through family land that is now known as the Gault Archaeological Site.

We finally got Doris on camera for her one-on-one interview to share fun memories and stories of their adventures with Mike Collins and the whole team at Gault. Of course, no shoot for our film is complete without good food for the crew and our interviewees. Doris topped it all with a homemade chocolate cake. YUM !

Thanks always to DP Chris McCaffrey and Pablo Veliz, sound mixer.

Olive interviewing Doris for the Gault Film
B-roll of cattle being fed on the Lindsey Ranch being recorded
A homemade chocolate cake made by Doris Lindsey

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