Interviews with Tom Stafford, Tom Dillehay and Jill Patton

June, 2022

Olive and the crew enjoyed a few days in New Mexico for three interviews.

Dr. Tom Stafford, a renowned geochemist, gets animated when he talks about science! He explained dating techniques and showed us a few things in his lab.
Internationally acclaimed archaeologist Dr. Tom Dillehay shared details of his pioneering work at Monte Verde, Chile, and his long relationship with Mike Collins, who studied the lithics at Monte Verde, among other things.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Brown and the good folks at the School for Advanced Research at Santa Fe for allowing us to tape on their beautiful campus. Dr. Dillehay is a senior fellow at SAR SF. It gave us chills to see the historic and vast pottery collection at the SAR’s Indian Arts Research Center.

Chris, Pablo, Olive and Tom Dillehay
Longtime Gault volunteer, Jill Patton, shared tales of her many years of Gault experiences. I think she decided she’d rather dig in the dirt than be in front of a camera!

Thanks to manager Steve Maestas and owner Neil Rosenshein for allowing us to film Jill’s interview on their lovely property, Las Palomas Hotel in Santa Fe.

Finally, no visit to Santa Fe is complete without a stop at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum for some creative inspiration.

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