Tornado Cleanup

May 7, 2022

A tornado hit the Gault site in April and knocked out about 20 trees. Fortunately, no major damage to the structure or to the home of the Lindseys, who live adjacent to the site. Although further down the road toward Salado, the damage was immense. The crew and I were there with Mike Collins on May 7 to witness over 100 volunteers help clean up. It was moving to see so many people devoted to protecting this site.

Gault crew members, Chris McCaffrey and Pablo Veliz, hard at work.

Mike Collins enjoyed answering questions from a promising young archaeology student who is spending his summer in the Gault lab at TARL (Texas Archaeological Research Center at UT Austin.)

Cindy Weigand, president of the board of the Georgetown Film Festival, came out to meet Mike and share flyers featuring our local film production. Thank you, Cindy, for your ongoing support!
Cindy Weigand and Olive
Volunteers at work
Marvin Gohlke, board member of the Gault School of Archaeological Research, taking a break from the heat to visit with Mike.

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